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Company Information

Specialty Protection, LLC was incorporated in the State of Connecticut in 1995 to provide personal protection to executives.  Specialty Protection worked with Docimo and Associates to provide Chemical Emergency Response Training and Emergency Response Training to Terrorism in the private, military and government sector. 


Specialty Protection opened a training facility in Naples Florida in 2014 to provide various levels of firearms training from Introduction to Advanced, Force on Target, Force on Role Play, Force on Force, and Reality Based Training Scenario.  Our private lessons are taught by experienced firearm instructors.  We train privately for business owners and others requiring discretion. Our instructors at Specialty Protection LLC, will accommodate your scheduling needs. We provide all required equipment, safety gear, and ammunition.  We can train you using our firearms or your own firearms.


Specialty Protection has also has partnered with Annabi Risk Management & Consulting Inc. in New York for handgun permits in NYC and the surrounding New York Burroughs as well as for all your firearms and accessory needs.


Because of our commitment to training, we are open 7 days a week, 361 days a year (closed for major holidays only).  Specialty Protection LLC can provide training 24 hours a day.


We offer training in our Naples Facility or one of our business partner’s locations. Accommodations can be arranged for onsite training.  Specialty Protection LLC, Docimo and Associates and Annabi Risk Management & Consulting Inc. can offer firearms training World Wide with our instructors at your location.   


Our Conceal Carry Basic class exceeds the requirements for the State of Florida Concealed Firearm License and we have Bi-Lingual instructor.

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