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Business Partners

Specialty Protection is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Docimo & Associates in Wisconsin and Annabi Risk Management & Consulting Inc. New York, to provide your next level of training.


Docimo & Associates, LLC now in our 27th year, provides quality training and consulting services for first responders and medical providers, government and military entities, and private industry. Our instructors have received national awards for their work and have extensive experience in the areas of chemical, biological and radiological response, fire department and emergency medical services operations and clinical education for healthcare providers, worldwide. For more information please E-Mail


Annabi Risk Management & Consulting Inc. is a Class 1 and NFA Federal Firearms Licensed dealer covering Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange counties. Annabi Risk Management is conveniently located in Putnam County. Contact us at (914) 806-4744. We have NRA Certified Instructors to teach all NRA Safety and Hunting Classes as well as classes for the Concealed Carry Weapons Permit for NY, CT, Utah and Florida. We offer the Live Fire class for Westchester and Putnam Counties. We also offer exporting services around the world and cater to those customers requiring specialized services.



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